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  • Fragrance Family

    Rose, Spicy, Woody, Musk
  • Top Note

    Indian Rose
  • Middle Note

    Amber, Saffron
  • Base Note

    Musk, Oud
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Imagine the aroma of smouldering embers filling your home with sublime layers of fragrance that unveil themselves one by one. Breathe them in as they mingle and entwine in the air, bringing a breathtakingly beautiful scent throughout your home. Bakhoor Bait Al Arab is a deep multi layered home fragrance that releases its spicy, musky aroma of woods and roses, unfurling like a gossamer mist. With its opening of Indian rose bringing a smoky bouquet into the air, closely followed by the scent of precious saffron spices, warm musks and golden agarwood, Bait Al Arab is sure to fill your home with its pleasing aura. The Golden caress of home.