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  • Fragrance Family

    Oud, Gourmand
  • Top Note

    Saffron, Oud, Musk
  • Middle Note

    Rose, Praline, Oud
  • Base Note

    Musk, Oud, Resins, Vanilla
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Luxuriate in the oud scented breezes of Dukhoon Al Karam as it wreathes gently around you, delighting all those touched by its magic. Precious saffron strands elevate this Bakhoor into something truly exquisite, as whispers of musk gently caress you. Rose petals bloom bright, filling the air with their addictive scent before melting deliciously into a mouth-watering praline. Swathes of golden vanilla warm your heart until you sigh with contentment, inhaling the relaxing drifts of this unique Bakhoor that makes everywhere feel just like home. Straight from the heart.