How and Where to Shop Perfumes in Dubai?

In the fragrance-obsessed culture of the Middle East, perfume is not an afterthought; it is a ritual.

As one of the biggest cities in the Middle East, Dubai elegantly blends heritage and modernity – in malls, souks and stores, you can expect to find fragrances from famous global brands beside niche perfumes from Arabian perfumeries. Choosing from this dizzying range of fragrances can be confusing (and headache-inducing). So here are some tips to simplify the process of shopping for perfumes in Dubai.

Do your research

Before heading to the fragrance counter, make sure you are aware of the different fragrance families like floral, fruity, woody and oriental, as well as categories such as eau de toilette and eau de parfum.

Stay away from discounted perfumes

You can get delightful fragrances in a range of bottles and sizes for your price range, but avoid heavily discounted fragrances as you could end up with atrocious-smelling perfumes.

Use your personal style as a guide If you are the kind of woman or man who’s bold and outgoing, go for intense fragrances like Wajd or Ishq. They have powerful notes which leave scented trails everywhere you go.

Take your time when choosing a fragrance

A perfume can smell different depending on the fragrance composition, your body chemistry and the time of day.

Swiss Arabian provides you with samples to take home, so that you can fully experience and appreciate the fragrance over the course of a day.

Your opinion is the only one that matters

If it makes you feel and smell good, buy it. Don’t let the opinions of others sway you into the purchase of a perfume you don’t like.

Layer, layer, layer

No rule requires you to stick to just one scent. Mix different kinds of scents for various occasions – a few days of our precious Rose Malaki concentrated perfume oil layered with our popular Shaghaf Oud will work like magic ; a touch of Bakhoor like Dukhoon Al Haram with a spray of a woody perfume like Ishq will work wonders too. Layering scents will produce an intoxicating signature mix that’s uniquely yours.

Where to buy perfumes in Dubai?

Swiss Arabian is present in all the leading malls such as The Dubai MallMall of the Emirates, and Yas Mall etc to name a few.

You can view all Swiss Arabian locations here to get your favorite perfumes or buy them online at www.swissarabian.com.

We are sure now that you can easily select and find your fragrance without any hassle.

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