Find the perfect perfume for your personality

The kind of perfume you choose tells a lot about your personality. In fact, you would also want to apply a certain type of fragrance if you want to feel ‘free-spirited’ or ‘lively.’ When you’re buying a fragrance you generally think about what fragrance would match the person. If your friend wears white fresh colored dresses often and has a calm persona, you may want to gift her a fresh, white floral or musk based perfume because you feel that matches her personality most. Gifting her a heavy, spicy fragrance just wouldn’t seem right.

It’s hard to find a perfume that perfectly expresses every aspect of you, so we’ve put down a few fragrance recommendations for some general personality traits.

Perfect notes for you: Citrus, fruity, fresh.
Perfume recommendations: Miss Edge, Pure Instinct, Primal Code, Mr Edge, Walaa.

Perfect notes: Oriental, floral, sweet.
Perfume recommendations: Royal Mystery, Al Amaken, Gharaam, Wajd, Private Musk.

Perfect notes: Oriental, oud, heavy florals.
Perfume recommendations: Oud Maknoon, Ishq, Attar Al Ghutra, Sehr Al Sheila, Shaghaf Oud Abyad.

Perfect notes: Light florals, musks.
Perfume recommendations: Hamsah, Rose Malaki, Musk Malaki, Secret Musk.

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