Favorite Summer Scents for 2020

We’ve come up with 9 scents that you will love wearing this summer to stay fresh, energetic and productive. During the summertime, we usually feel drained out and sticky. Choosing the right fragrances to cool you down (even mentally) is very important. The sense of smell has a huge impact on your mood and how you feel. A fresh, bright citrus fragrance for example, would make you feel lively and be a great way to kick start your day.

Tip: Because your perfume doesn’t last as long in the summer and gets absorbed by the heat, it is important to keep refreshing yourself. Make sure to apply fragrance right after your shower, moisturize and focus on your pulse points so that it lasts longer!

Shumoukh Al Ghutra

Shumoukh Al Ghutra embodies masculinity, pride and stature. It starts off with a beautiful combination of fresh green notes, juicy apples and violets and then settles down into a leathery heart and sweet base. This is the perfect choice for an outing during the summertime and its addictive, long lasting scent is sure to get you compliments!

Wild Spirit

Wild Spirit is inspired by the feline beauty of a lioness. It is a sophisticated yet playful fruity floral fragrance with a warm woody finish, perfect to stay fresh and beautiful in the summertime.


Walaa encapsulates the uplifting heights of happiness when deep love engulfs you. The start of this fragrant journey evokes blue skies and sunshine, with its blend of fresh citrus notes of bergamot, orange, and lavender, cinnamon and flowers.


Hawa brings forth tempting fruits that sparkle with iridescence. You feel lightheaded with love as the most golden of sunlit bouquets surrounds you with a romantic floral heart of jasmine, orange flower and roses. The softest scent of cashmere caresses your skin while patchouli and myrrh add the allure of temptation as they dance out of your reach, bringing you into the warmth of golden vanilla and exquisite sandalwood.

Edge (Women)

Edge opens with a burst of irresistible femininity with delicate freesia and the unique aroma of deep roses. This is the perfect summer fragrance for a woman who is successful, magnetic and confident. It is soft, delicate and beautiful – just like the woman who wears it.

Pure Instinct

One of our summer favorites! Pure Instinct is a fresh, woody fragrance for men that love the wild. It is for a man who excels based purely on his own inner strength. His confidence is unmatched, his grace unspoken. This is the perfect fragrance to create an impact. Its notes are refreshing yet leave a long lasting trail.

Primal Code

Mint, warm cardamom, violet leaf and pink pepper melt into the heart notes of lavender, sage and cinnamon. Added touches of juicy pineapple and melon keep the scent uplifting as golden woods emerge to embrace a warm vanilla finish. This is a cooling, sophisticated scent with a hint of sweetness and spiciness for the modern man who wants to make an impression.


Hamsah opens with summery notes of African orange flower. Its white petals and sweet honey facets move seamlessly into the scent of jasmine. Delicate rose petals melt temptingly into warm honey, emboldened by patchouli and a sun-dappled glade of cedar. Hamsah has a sweet heart with a bold finish and an unforgettable fragrant trail, perfect for summer days!


Inara is inspired by the radiance that illuminates a woman from within. When you reach for Inara, you are certain to dazzle those you meet as its sparkling florals bring out your inner glow. Inara opens with mouth-watering citrus fruits. Ripe juicy mandarin and sharp zesty lime make for an invigorating introduction to an impossibly feminine fragrance journey. The zingy notes of citrus lead you into a perfumed summer garden full of rich, creamy roses, firm juicy peaches and musky blackcurrants.

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