5 tips to select the best men’s perfumes

As we know, choosing a perfume is personal. You need to get it just right. The kind of perfume you choose tells a lot about your personality and has a great effect on your mood. People often get confused while choosing the right scents, brands, designs and so on.

With our wide range of products, we’ve made it extremely simple for you to get your hands on the right perfume for YOU. Check out all our men’s perfumes here.

We’ve also come up with five tips for you to make sure you choose the right perfume:

1. Choose a scent

Every perfume has different notes that make up the scent. The notes are made up of three layers – top, middle and base notes – which are blended together to create a magical fragrance. Always remember that all fragrances belong to a major fragrance family. If a perfume is mostly a floral scent (even though it may have some fruity undertones) it will still be classified as ‘floral,’ so make sure to read the top, middle and base notes to get a better idea if the perfume suits your taste and personality.

2Check the concentration

Generally, sprays come in two main forms – eau de parfum and eau de toilette. Eau de parfums have a higher concentration of oil, so although it is slightly more expensive, it will last much longer than and eau de toilette.

At Swiss Arabian, all our sprays are eau de parfum, which means they have a higher percentage of the actual perfume oil. Even within eau de parfums, there are different intensities and types. For example, an oud spray would be much more powerful than a fresh fragrance. Hence, along with concentration, also check what your preferences are when it comes to types of fragrances.

3. Test the fragrance

It would be great if you could test a fragrance before actually purchasing it. Apply a little fragrance on your pulse points (such as on your wrist) and see whether it goes with your skin type. Remember – what may work for someone else may not work for you!

4. Neutralize the sense of smell

While perfume shopping, smelling a bunch of different fragrances can overload the nasal receptors. Thus, it is better to reset them by sniffing something neutral such as coffee beans. Doing so will neutralize the smelling sense and that will enable you to analyze the fragrance better.

5. Give the fragrance time to be effective

When you apply the fragrance, see how it wears throughout the day. Analyze the top, middle and base notes to see if you like the overall composition of the perfume. The base notes often take an hour to be effective on the skin

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