Shaghaf Men

Eau de parfum - 75ML

£ 16

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Shaghaf is an oriental woody scent for men, inspired by the passion and drive that thrives within him. When he chooses Shaghaf, he knows it’s the fragrance that embodies who he is.

Shaghaf opens with lavender and lemon, giving a steadfast and traditional opening. These uplifting, shower fresh notes blend seamlessly into a magnificent chypre heart, replete with oakmoss, evoking a sylvan idyll under a canopy of trees. A contrast of aquatic notes conjures the swish of the ocean, as a sunset of amber and patchouli embraces the horizons with a warm glow.

Shaghaf is a fragrance for men and is perfect for cooler months.

The passion that drives him. The scent that defines him.


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