Concentrated Perfume Oil – 20ML

£ 16

Imagine the light from within that makes people smile. Imagine the love that lights up faces. Noora is the fragrance that encapsulates that luminescent joy inside and out.

Opening with a feast of sharp oranges gilded with honey, gentle waves of sweetness part to allow the flowers to fill the warm summer air that surrounds you. Roses bloom in the sun, giving off their unique perfume, as lilies join their chorus. Precious strands of saffron whisper softly around the edges. Musk wraps you in an enticing cloak as velvety sandalwood and sensual vanilla join in the aura of light that wreathes softly around you among the sunbeams.

Noora is a concentrated perfume oil for women. It is ideally suited to a warm day.

The scent of light. The scent of joy. The scent of you.


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