Eau de Parfum - 100ML

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Ghazi is a citrus, floral fragrance for men with a woody finish. It embodies the spirit of a man who always wins. Rising over challenges and succeeding in business and at life, this is the scent of the man who conquers all in his path.

Ghazi opens with a zesty citrus accord to match his energy for life. Springing into action, the heart captures nature’s very best and brings it alive through the splash of the ocean, the scent of the richest florals, and a gentleman’s accord of classy lavender. The final long-lasting flourish is both warm and strong, just like the man who wears it. With musk and sandalwood adding strength, and tonka and amber adding warmth, Ghazi is the scent of winners.

Ghazi is a fragrance for men and is ideal for cooler days.

The scent of a winner.


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