Eau de parfum - 50ML

Walaa is a unisex citrus aromatic fragrance ideal for warmer days. The fragrance encapsulates the uplifting heights of happiness when deep love engulfs you.

Walaa opens in the traditional style of fougère, with the classic notes of lavender and geranium. Blending seamlessly with sharp mandarin and bergamot, the start of this fragrant journey evokes blue skies and sunshine. The feel-good factor is enhanced with the fresh-air scent of hedione and white jasmine. Spring-like violets and cosy cinnamon beckons, adding beauty and warmth to the heart of the scent. A welcoming forest embraces you with the velvety strength of its woody notes. Fir balsam, Amberwood, golden ambroxan and a swirl of sensuous musk tell the tale of this deep love.

Walaa is a premium unisex fragrance, leaning towards males.

Deep in love.


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