Concentrated Perfume Oil – 15ML

Hayfa epitomises all that is graceful and delicate about her.

An irresistible exotic feast of the senses unfurls itself with a mouth-watering opening of plum, sweetened with delicious caramel. Tempting you in further, you soon reach an abundance of sublime floral bouquets that bloom one after another. With classic roses and heady jasmine, wrapped daintily in a white flower accord, the fragrance whispers around you, adding elegance and grace to all you do. The beauty of these blooms are softly embraced by warm woods and sensual musks. Velvet sandalwood provides a finale that leaves beguiling memories of a slender, graceful beauty.

Hayfa is a feminine white, floral, woody concentrated perfume oil perfect for day time in the warmer seasons.

Where grace meets beauty.


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