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How to Pick the Best Attar Perfumes

In the Arab world, perfumes are synonymous with attar. Attar perfumes are not just a finishing touch for the morning wardrobe, but an essential part of life and prayer. This aromatic blend of oils extracted from natural ingredients like flower petals, herbs and spices has the power to refresh your soul and is believed to transport your senses to a higher plane.

How to Apply Attar
Conventional fragrances contain alcohol to help the scent rise from your skin – yet it also causes it to evaporate faster. But attars are concentrated perfume oil and can last for a day or two because they do not contain alcohol. They are so intense that a tiny bottle can last a person several months! All you need is a dab on the inside of each of your wrists, your earlobes, and the back of each knee. A gorgeous scent will envelope you the whole day!

How to Choose According to Season
Due to their therapeutic value, attars are classified based on their ability to warm or cool the body. So for the summer, it’s best to choose one made from ingredients that lower body temperature like jasmine, rose, and sandalwood.

Sandalia – AED 230

Attars made from musk, amber, and oud raise the body’s core temperature. They are perfect picks for the winter season.

Musk Malaki – AED 140
Mukhalat Malaki – AED 130

How to Choose According to Gender
Like perfumes, the composition of an attar is broken down into top notes, middle notes and base notes – the last two notes make up the ‘heart’ of the perfume. For men, attars with full-bodied notes of spices, wood, and oud are a good choice as they’re strong and leave a long lasting impact.

Kashkha – AED 90

For women, fruity-floral attars complemented by notes of wood and musk are the perfect mix of long-lasting elegance and ultra feminine appeal.

Jamila – AED 60

Buy the Perfect Attar Online
Whether you’re purchasing an attar for yourself or a gift, you can now get high-quality perfumes online. Just log in to, and use the information above to buy the perfect mix. Happy shopping!