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Find the Perfect Perfume for Your Personality

Our personalities can be as multi-layered as the fragrances we wear. Many factors shape us as individuals including the places we lived, our culture, genetics, environment, memories, and more.

Smell is one of the markers of memory. We associate good or bad memories with certain aromas, which is why scents usually considered pleasant (like jasmine) can provoke intense dislike in some, while smells considered unpleasant (like the sea) can evoke joy and happiness. These scents and memories weave together in our mind to form an inner aromascape that shapes our personalities and preferences.

It’s hard to find a perfume that perfectly expresses every aspect of you, so we’ve created fragrance recommendations for every personality type. Whether you’re buying a perfume for yourself or a loved one, you’ll know the perfect mix to pick.

You’re dynamic, energetic, and can strike up a conversation with anyone about anything under the sun. Because of your outgoing nature, you rarely like to be alone and are drawn to groups of people. For your friends and family, you are the life of the party. At work, you are the star of the show that takes charge and works hard to get things done.

Perfect notes: Floral, spicy
Perfume recommendations: Zahra CPO, Spirit Absolute, Faith Bloom

You prefer to observe others while sipping a cup of coffee quietly. Your friends and family sometimes complain that you stay at home too much with your books instead of going out for social events. Your headphones are your favourite work accessory, yet your colleagues seek you out for your immense talent, quiet confidence and consistent hard work.

Perfect notes: Oriental, woody, heavy florals
Perfume recommendations: Al Basel, Rasheeqa, Daeeman CPO

Ambivert with extroverted tendencies
You are lively, cheerful and react spontaneously to the challenges that life has to offer. You are a romantic at heart – your introverted side shows itself as a tendency to daydream. You often act on impulse and don’t dwell for long on setbacks; failure won’t bring you down or dampen your smile.

Perfect notes: Fruity-floral, citrus, aquatic
Perfume recommendations: Edge Men, Edge Women, Queen

Ambivert with introverted tendencies
You desire harmony and tranquillity in your surroundings and often play the role of peacemaker in an argument. You respect the boundaries and feelings of others and like to put them at ease. Friends would say you have exquisite taste – your wardrobe is sophisticated and elegant.

Perfect notes: Light florals, musks, green notes
Perfume recommendations: Essence De La Vie, Attar Al Sheila, Shada CPO

Have you found the perfume that’s just right for you? Get it online at or shop at one of our retail outlets today.