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How to identify branded perfumes?

In the world of perfumes, there can be confusion as to which perfumes are actually branded and which aren’t. At times, it may not be so obvious.

1.Watch out for the packaging

The packaging of a perfume is the first element that the customers get in touch with. Look at the colors, branding and other elements of the packaging to see if it matches with the original product. The cellophane should be transparent while sticking cleanly to the carton pack. A wrinkled surface could question its originality. Though, before reaching any conclusion, it has to be kept in mind that the package could be damaged due to terrible transportation services.

2. Check the bottle

Make sure to check out the origin of the perfume. You will usually find “Made in (country).” However, even if a perfume is carrying the correct country of origin, there could be other incorrect information, such as volume (ml), a misspelt name (which may not be so obvious) or a distorted logo. The bottle quality should also be carefully looked at. It should be spotless and smooth without any bubbles in its glass.

3. Appearance of the perfume

Keep a check on the perfume as it should be transparent without any sediments and clouds as well as particles at the foundation of the perfume bottle.

Perfumes other than branded ones won’t carry the same multi-layers (top, middle, base notes) and will just show a few similar aspects as the original. These fake perfumes could carry harmful chemicals that could affect the skin. Original brands will have allergens and ingredients written on the packaging.

4. The barcode & QR code

Most of the perfume customers think that barcode indicates the originality of the particular brand, but that is not always true. Originality of branded perfumes cannot be judged by the barcode as it can easily be fabricated through the latest computer graphics programs. It is recommended to shop through a reasonable retailer who has a good reputation in the local market with a decent customer base.

Also, make sure that the QR code on the packaging takes you to the website of the original brand and not another one.

Swiss Arabian is proud to be the first ISO certified perfume house in the UAE. We assure that we follow all the best practices to provide the best customer experience across the region. If you have come across a product you have a doubt about, you can send us an email at


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