Oriental, Woody, Spicy
EDP - 50ML

  • عائلة العطور :

    Oriental, Woody, Spicy

  • الطبقة العليا :

    Black Pepper, Saffron

  • الطبقة الوسطى :

    Sage, Carnation, Turkish Rose

  • الطبقة الأساس :

    Nutgrass, Leather

It’s the strongest form of love. The fragrance has been created with strong and intense top notes which linger on you, to remind you of this deep, passionate love which is impossible to forget. It then softens and takes you on a beautiful journey of love. Ishq is an oriental spicy, woody fragrance. It represents the timelessness of true love; a love that transcends the years. Ishq opens with top notes of warm black pepper and cardamom, merging into the heart of the fragrance with herbal accents of sage, spicy carnation and precious Turkish Rose, capturing a feeling of warmth and well-being. A rich, warm base leads you home with dark, earthy Cypriol oil, perfectly matched to a masterful leather finish, perfected by an aura of smooth woods. As the fragrant notes mingle deliciously and merge as one, a long-lasting sense of contentment arises from the aura of a true love, wrapped in the beauty of its timelessness. A true love that transcends time.
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