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5 tips to select the best men’s perfumes

Perfumes are the common term that readily ticks up the mind with fragrance associated with pleasing personality. However, perfumes are widely used by men and women across the region but Middle East is the region that holds fame in branded perfumes specially men’s perfumes.

Wearing perfumes or colognes laid significant impact on personality and enhance the beauty and mood overall. Though, there are several brands of perfumes available in the whole market that often leads to confusion for perfume lovers while purchasing. People often get in trouble in choosing the scents, brand, design etc. Thus, need is to identify the brand of men’s perfumes that could be suitable with pleasing fragrance while matching the style of the personality.

Swiss Arabian holds the tremendous range of men’s perfumes that gives bold, distinctive and strong aroma that lasts for long. Embraced with fresh fragrance within the perfumes range, Swiss Arabian managed to get the leading position in the industry.

Here are five of the best tips to choose men’s perfumes among all the brands.

1. Choose a Scent

Every perfume and cologne has different notes that determine the scent. The notes include three layers that are called as top, middle and base notes and they are combined to give synergy for the specific fragrance.

For instance, some perfumes will be recognized as floral having rose, gardenia, or geranium. Other than the floral, perfume could be called as a bit fruitier having undertones of citrus or apple and exotic perfumes carry spicy notes of star anise or cinnamon.

However, Men’s perfumes possess different notes as well like woody scents carries a heavier, and the most masculine tone and others might smell like a pine or leather-based notes. Thus, it is better to select the men’s perfume that can suit your personality and taste.

2. Check out the Concentration

Different fragrances have different intensity of concentration and with higher concentration; the price of the perfume also gets higher. The perfume possessing higher concentration is recognized as more powerful scent that lasts for longer.

These stronger fragrances (such as Oud) have high price tag but it lasts for a whole day with just an application. Second level of fragrance is called eau de parfum that usually lasts for about 4 to 6 hours after applying it. However, the third level is known as eau de toilette that is less concentrated among other two types for lighter fragrances. This type is usually affordable and available in most of the retail shopping stores.

3. Test the Fragrance

Before choosing and purchasing any men’s perfume, one should have to do a test to check either this fragrance is what you want to wear or not. Do a spray and sniff test of the perfume on wrist and wait for moments so that fragrance could appear. Every skin has different and unique set of hormones that can alter the way of smell as per the skin variation. So it is a good idea to test bottle first to get the main idea of what it smells like.  Depending upon chemistry with fragrance, it could be varied and chosen accordingly.

4. Neutralize the sense of smell

While purchasing perfumes, smelling different fragrances can overload the nasal receptors. Thus, it is better to reset them by sniffing something neutral such as coffee beans. Doing so will neutralize the smelling sense that will lead to have proper fragrance analysis.

5. Give fragrance time to be effective

Fragrances are made in three layers that are top, middle and base notes. So give some time to fragrances to get proper analysis of the perfume. Usually, base notes often take an hour to be effective on the skin. So it is better not to rush on the fragrance that you have smelled initially. However, after couple of hours, the fragrance could be analyzed and the purchase decision could be made.

All comforting fragrances from Swiss Arabian are up to offer energetic feeling and the strong spirit of venture that prove to be an excellent choice for perfume lovers. So keeping all aspects in mind, choose the best men’s perfumes that suit your personality and impress others.